$8.5 Million Dollar Settlement Awarded for Injury & Wrongful Death 

In 2013, Lindsay Browder was driving down the road with her older sister Ashley Browder when an off-duty police offer ran a red light and collided into the passenger side of the vehicle.  Ashley passed away at the scene of the accident and her sister, Lindsay, was left permanently injured.

Now, over 4 years later, the wrongful death claim has been settled in the amount of $8.5 million dollars. While there is no amount of money that could ever completely make up for the death or permanent injury of any person, these types of settlements can help offer closure and pay for the suffering caused by the other party’s negligence.

It is rare to find settlements of this amount without the proper guidance of a car accident attorney handling the claim. When this amount of devastation and pain was caused by another person, finding a professional to help can make a large difference in what your settlement will be.