How The New Ohio Work Injury Laws May Apply To You

injured construction worker

In May, the Ohio House passed House Bill 27, which is poised to significantly change Ohio’s work compensation laws.

One significant change includes a reduction in the Statute of Limitations. Under current work injury laws, injured employees have a 2-year period in which they can file a claim. HB 27 reduces this time to a maximum of 1-year. While most injured workers do not wait this long to file a claim, there are some cases where an injury is not apparent until a later date.

Other changes include updated drug testing and the loss of permanent partial disability awards (PPD) if the injured worker fails to attend a required medical examination. One common question injured workers ask is “How do I file for permanent partial disability”. PPD is not automatically rewarded – workers must file a request before they can receive it. This new change will require workers to be even more careful with the claim process, or they could miss out on valuable benefits.

As with most workers comp law changes, it appears the employers are being favored over the employees. Injured employees who feel they are being discriminated against or unfairly denied benefits should seek the counsel of a work accident lawyer who can help them navigate the claim process.