A Heart Warming Story About Good Samaritans

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When you work as a car accident lawyer, many of the stories you encounter are tragic. When one comes along that fills you with appreciation for the goodness of humanity and the kindness of strangers, it is worth noting.

A few months ago, in Houston, Texas, there was a serious accident on Interstate 10 near Airtex Drive.

A vehicle hit the Bucio family’s car from behind. Noemi Bucio and her husband were in the front seats. The Bucios’ four-year-old son and three-year-old daughter were in the back seats.

The Bucios were less than a mile from their home when their vehicle was struck.

Noemi Bucio remembers the shock and surprise of the accident. They did not see the vehicle that struck them until the impact.

Almost immediately after the crash, two young ladies – not from the other vehicle – rushed to the Bucio’s car. They told Noemi Bucio, “We’re here to help. We’re going to help you.”

The young women helped all four members of the Bucio family out of their car, and calmed down three-year-old Zoey Bucio, who had sustained the worst injuries of the four of them.

After the ambulance arrived, the Good Samaritans returned to their white, four-door sedan and drove away. Noemi Bucio says she thinks one of the women was Latina, and that both were in their early 20s.

The Bucios want to thank these two women for helping their family. Zoey is expected to recover fully, and the Bucios want to show these young women how their actions helped save the life of their dear daughter.

When a Cincinnati car accident lawyer works on a new case, he or she always keeps an eye out for the people who helped. It warms the heart to remind ourselves that there are kind-hearted people throughout our society who are willing to risk life and limb to help strangers.

We hope you never find yourself recovering from an accident. But if you ever need the services of a Cincinnati accident lawyer, we hope you will keep our law firm in mind.