Four Ways a Lawyer Can Help with Social Security Disability

Having a Social Security disability lawyer on your side can yield tremendous benefits. Whether it is your first time applying for benefits, or you are renewing – or defending your claim – a knowledgeable lawyer can help you swim through these tricky bureaucratic waters.

Here are some things a lawyer can assist you with:

1. Establishing a timeline

You need to show a consistent timeline, with regards to your treatment. Showing the progress of your care, and the various medical professionals you have visited, is a crucial piece of the disability claim. A Social Security disability lawyer knows what the Social Security Administration (SSA) will want to see, and what documents you will need to lay out that solid timeline.

2. Organizing your receipts

Keeping boxes full of receipts is never easy. Making them coherent is sometimes even harder. The lawyer can gather your receipts and compile them in such a way that you look professional, organized, and on top of your health care and your finances. They know how to make it all presentable.

3. Tracking your filings

The filings process can be long and complicated. The paper trail of contact between you and the SSA – and between your health care providers and other insurance participants – can cause the SSA to reject a claim if it is not correct.

4. Proving past employment

You need to have worked for an employer that paid into the Social Security trust fund. If you have not kept paystubs from ten years ago – who has? – then the lawyer can assist you in proving that your previous employer paid FICA taxes and contributed to that trust fund.