Social Security Disability: Were You Covered?

social security work credits

How do you know if your previous employer paid into Social Security?

One of the central Social Security disability requirements is your employment history. You need to collect Social Security work credits, and you only do that by having an employer that paid FICA taxes – the taxes that fill the Social Security trust fund.

If your boss paid you sub rosa – “under the table” in legal language – then they may not have paid those FICA taxes. In most cases, though, you can prove that your work contributed to the U.S. Social Security fund.

Social Security Work Credits

Generally, you need 40 work credits to meet the Social Security disability requirements. For most jobs, you earned four work credits each year. (You cannot earn more than four work credits in a single calendar year, no matter how many hours you worked.)

An attorney who understands work credits can help you prove that your work history qualifies you for disability. There may be some investigation involved, particularly if you worked a series of different jobs over the years.

Half of the work credits you need to claim benefits need to be from the past ten years, and that is where some people get their applications denied. Keeping steady track of the paperwork, though – again, a lawyer’s team is trained to assist with such matters – will help you make your claim, and defend your claim.

If you have questions, it’s a great idea to work with a lawyer familiar with Social Security Disability law.