The Importance Of Having High Uninsured Motorist Limits

car accident

Catharin Taylor - Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law Specialist, Ohio State Bar AssociationMany folks don’t realize the importance of having high uninsured motorist limits to protect yourself and your family.

Take this example of a case I am handling right now; My client was rear ended by a driver with a 100/300 policy of insurance. She has had to have neck surgery, lost her job with the state of Ohio, and might have a second back surgery. She has 100,000 in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for which she has paid premiums. Unfortunately, under Ohio law she will be limited to the $100,000 of insurance paid for by the person who hit her. She will not be able to recover any money under her own policy because her company gets a credit for the insurance available from the person who hit her. Under Ohio law the policies can no longer be “stacked”.

Consider another example. My client, a pedestrian, is hit by a driver with $100,000 in coverage. He is badly injured, resulting in a 4 level cervical fusion, and will lose a large amount of future income as the result of the injury. He has $250,000 in uninsured motorist coverage. Under Ohio law he is limited to receiving a total of $250,000 which does not fully compensate him and his family for his injuries and loss of income.

Please call your insurance company today and make sure your limit is adequate to cover a catastrophic injury. There are many people on the road with little or no insurance – You have to protect yourself!

Catharin R. Taylor