What Should I Do If I’m Injured at Work?

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Report Your Workplace Injury

First things first, you should report your injury to a supervisor right away. Preferably, you would report this injury in writing. Some states require that this notification be made in writing; others need only verbal notification, but it is a safer bet to make that happen in written form either way.

Report Your Workplace Injury Immediately

Time is of the essence as well. You need to report any workplace injury immediately, or the state may not accept it. In some states, there is a statute of limitations, meaning that if you miss the filing deadline, you can lose your rights to receive any sort of workers’ compensation benefits. This window is often limited, so making sure the notification happens quickly is in everyone’s best interest.

Seek Medical Attention

You should also be sure to seek medical attention for your injury quickly too. Later, you may experience challenges with your case if you did not seek treatment or medical care near the date of injury. It will be more difficult to demonstrate a causal relationship to a workplace injury without proper medical documentation.

Keep Records About Your Injury

As you report your injury to a supervisor and seek medical care, be sure to keep records. Keep any and all paperwork, including receipts for medical services and supplies. Make copies of emails regarding your injury. If you receive relevant voicemails, record them.