What is the Ohio BWC website?


Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has a website for public use.

As someone who may be trying to file a claim, how can their site be of use to you?

The main three buttons at the top are fairly self-explanatory:

File a claim

Here is where you can submit paperwork. We highly recommend you get assistance before sending a claim. The Ohio BWC rejects about 70% of new claims. The process for appealing a rejection can take up to two years, so you want to avoid a rejection if you possibly can.

Apply for coverage

This is for employees to add coverage for their workers. It is a U-3 which companies complete to get that coverage in place.

Find a provider

If you need to seek medical assistance, due an on-the-job injury or a condition causing by your work, here is where you can look up a medical provider near you. You can search by Specialty (Dermatology, Hematology, Neurology, etc.), and you can filter by Type of Medical Provider (Acupuncturist, Podiatrist, Dentist, etc.).

Beyond those three buttons, however, is a whole section of the site devoted to the needs of workers.

In the Workers section, along with a very helpful Worker FAQ, you will see a list of resources for injured workers.

Many of the questions on this FAQ are ones you are likely to ask:

  • When will I receive my benefits?
  • How do I know the amount of my benefit payments?
  • How do I receive my benefits?
  • What is the current status of my claim?

There is also a Health and Wellness Program, called Better You, Better Ohio. This is similar to the types of health and wellness services offered by many insurance companies.

The difference with Better You, Better Ohio is that it is aimed at workers who are employed in high-risk industries; specifically, high-risk industries where the employer is a small business — having less than 150 employees. These support services are designed to reduce any injury’s severity, prevent further injuries, and increase the speed of any worker’s recovery.

Better You, Better Ohio also addresses chronic diseases associated with aging and obesity, like diabetes and hypertension. It is aimed at being both a preventive medicine tool, and a set of services for those recuperating from workplace injuries.

There is also an awareness week for Kids’ Chance. Kids’ Chance provides scholarships for the children of workers who have died or been severely injured on the job.

In the Worker page, you will also find options as a claimant:

  • File a claim

Again, here is where you can upload your claim forms.

  • View claim documents

If you already have a claim in progress, you can track that claim here, and revisit the paperwork you have already submitted.

  • View my claim

To see your full claim, you need to establish an account with the BWC. All claims are password protected, and you can use this account to track the progress of your claim.

Generally speaking, the Ohio BWC site has tools to assist you in managing the process of applying for and receiving workers’ comp benefits. If you have any questions about the BWC tools, or if you have difficulty accessing these tools, feel free to reach out to our office.