The Downsides Of Not Hiring An Attorney For A Personal Injury Case?

personal injury law

You may be thinking about representing yourself, if you’ve been injured. It is an understandable urge. But here are a few reasons why you are much better off hiring a Cincinnati personal injury attorney.

  1. Free if you don’t win

Personal injury attorneys — the ones you would want to hire, at least — work for a contingency fee. That means that if you do not win in your suit, the attorney’s fee is zero. You may be responsible for some preparation costs, such as paying a doctor to review your records. But the attorney will not be paid.

  1. Investigators

Attorneys in this field work with a variety of investigative experts who can survey the details of your case, including the forensic evidence. The more information you can provide, the better they can investigate. This would be very difficult, if not impossible, to put together on your own.

  1. A cool head

Your legal team is objective. They will not make rash decisions, which injured parties often do when representing themselves. Removing oneself emotionally from the discussion is exceedingly hard.

  1. Claim assessments

An experienced lawyer will know right away whether your case is one worth taking on. If your case is not winnable, or not worth enough to spend the time, you should learn that at that outset.

  1. Knowledge of insurance companies

Attorneys know what the insurance companies do, how they maneuver, and ways they may try to avoid paying damages.

  1. The best negotiated settlements

Personal injury lawyers are expert negotiators. Let a skilled, seasoned veteran negotiate on your behalf, and you will find your settlement payout to be exponentially greater.

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