What Are The Reasons For Recent Increases In Disability Rates?

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You have heard that the acceptance rates for disability benefits have increased in recent years. This is indeed the case. There are a number of reasons for this jump, but here are a few of the most salient reasons.

  1. Demographics

Each year, the population of the USA grows. More people are being born than are passing away, and this has been true for many decades.

Additionally, however, the number of people reaching retirement age — both in percentage of population and in raw numbers of people — is increasing as well. The Baby Boom, which began in 1946, contributed to a large bump in the US population. In 2019, the oldest Baby Boomers began turning 73. Many may retire, but many in this large population group may not be able to retire; for them, disability benefits are often a go-to resource.

  1. Improvements in medical care

This may seem counter-intuitive. But as medical care gets better, fewer people are dying from their injuries or health conditions. In previous years, wartime injuries killed large swaths of the military forces serving overseas, but now, many veterans who might have died during service are instead returning to the US injured and needing disability coverage.

The same is true for people who have had strokes, heart attacks, and other severe medical issues. The survival rates for such traumas are improving, and more people are able to live for many more years after these events. This also raises the numbers of people receiving disability coverage.

  1. More women work

As the levels of men and women in the workforce become more balanced, more women are contributing to the SSDI program via their paychecks. This means a larger fund to pay for disability coverage overall, but it also means that more women are qualifying for disability benefits.

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