List Of Documents Needed For Personal Injury Claim

personal injury to leg and ankle

If you are making a claim regarding an injury you have sustained, there are many pieces of evidence you can show to make your case. Here are some of the main ones:

Physical evidence

This could include damaged items, torn clothing, or broken glasses. If you lost blood at the scene, hold onto anything that your blood went onto.

Photos from the scene

Property damage, the people who were there, the conditions of the road, the injuries as they appeared right then — all of these can help. Not just photos, either. If you have video or audio, these can help as well.

Insurance information

You need to show proof that you had insurance at the time of the incident. You should also show the other party’s insurance, if it was an accident. And if you corresponded with the insurance company, particularly by mailed letter or over email, show that too.

Pay stubs

You may need to show lost wages. W2s can do this, as can pay stubs from before and after the incident.

Invoices, bills, and receipts

Repairs and medical care cost money. Show everything you paid, and everything you bought.

Information about past care

Was the scene unsafe? Was the vehicle or machinery not maintained properly? Or was your own vehicle carefully taken care of? Prove it.

Victim and witness statements

This can be in the form of a sworn affidavit, or interview footage, or letters or emails these people wrote explaining what they saw and what they experienced.

Police records

911 call recordings, police statements, statements from other law enforcement agencies, and more. If you hired a private investigator, show what they found.