How Can You Tell if You Have a Legitimate Injury Lawsuit?

knee xray showing injury

personal injuryA reputable personal injury attorney will only take on cases that have merit. You may have sustained an injury, but that does not mean you necessarily have a case.

Here are three questions you can ask to help determine the validity of your potential case.

  1. How Badly Were You Injured?

Sometimes people will attempt to sue over situations that could have caused a serious injury, but instead only caused a relatively minor one. In such cases, courts often do not decide in favor of the person raising the suit – even if the liable party has a dangerous, potentially injurious situation they need to fix.

  1. Did Your Insurance Cover Your Recovery?

If you have health insurance, that insurance may have covered all of your medical expenses. You may have had visits to the ER, to specialist doctors, or physical therapy. If your insurance covered every single expenses, then it may be difficult to prove that you still have expenses to be reimbursed. However, if your injury-related expenses caused your insurance rate to go up, or if you had to pay a certain amount to reach a deductible before your coverage could cover it – then this may be easier to seek as a reimbursable expense.  Please keep in mind that if you do recover from a third party you will likely have to reimburse the entity paid your medical bills from the injury.

  1. Was the Other Party Truly Liable?

You need to be able to prove that the other party is legally responsible, and therefore deserving of the blame for your injuries. If it is another driver in a collision, or the property owner in the event of a fall, you must be able to make the case that the other person is liable. If fault is not clear, the case may be very difficult to make.

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