Three Weird Workers Comp Cases That Won

doctors looking at xray of injury

Each of these cases ended in the injured party receiving a monetary settlement.

Woman Trips Over Dog in Her Garage

Mary Sandberg was at home when she was injured. Sandberg had begun walking to her car to retrieve some fabric samples. On the way to the garage, she tripped over her dog. The fall broke her wrist.
“But she was home,” you may say. Since she was getting that fabric for her job at J.C. Penney department store, it turned her home into a “work environment” for that moment. She received compensation.

Man Breaks Hip Getting a Bag of Chips

Clinton Dwyer was trying to do a favor for a female co-worker. He went to get her a bag of chips from a vending machine in the employee break room. When the chips did not come down the chute, he bumped the machine with his hip, and fractured his hip. (Dwyer was 90 years old at the time.) An arbitrator ruled that he deserved a settlement because he was “injured while coming to the aid of a co-worker seeking personal comfort.”

Woman Catches a Bag of French Fries Wrong

In one McDonald’s location, a manager was working the drive-thru window when a bag of French fries slipped out of her hand. She bent, twisted, and lurched at the bag in an attempt to catch them before they hit the ground. In doing so, she wrenched her neck. She felt a pop, and then a burning feeling. Because she was under pressure to serve customers fast and not let any food go to waste, this pressure caused her to wrench her neck, and she earned worker’s comp benefits.