Six Most Common Types of Car Crashes

car accident in snow

Attorneys who work in personal injury are accustomed to many types of car accidents. What are the six kinds of collisions that they see most often with their clients?

1. Low-speed Collision

For these slow-motion crashes, the damage to the vehicles is usually minimal. Injuries to the passengers is still possible, though. This type of collision can happen backing out of driveways, or backing out of parking spots in a parking lot.

2. Single-car Collision

When a car loses control and goes off of the road, it may hit a tree, a guard rail, a parked car, a building, or something else. Many DUI crashes are single-car collisions.

3. Head-on Collision

Head-on crashes are the most likely to be fatal. They usually happen at very high speeds, which means that airbags and other safety measures have a tougher time protecting the passengers from considerable injury.

4. Rear-end Collision

29 percent of all US car accidents are rear-enders, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When one car tailgates another, it can cause a rear-end collision if the front car needs to slow down quickly. Sometimes, the driver in back is distracted, and does not notice that the car in front has slowed down.

5. Side-impact Collision

T-bone crashes are common. If a car runs a stop light, another car proceeding through the green light may hit it from the side.

6. Pedestrian Collision

If a driver does not see a pedestrian walking into a crosswalk, or crossing the street without a crosswalk, this type of collision may occur. This type of accident frequently happens with bicyclists as well.

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