What Makes the Best Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

personal injury to leg and ankle

Getting hurt on the job can be life-changing and traumatic. Add to that the stress of trying to get the compensation you need to recover and return to work as soon as possible. If you think you’ll need to go head-to-head with your employer, you don’t have to do it alone.

Finding an attorney in Cincinnati who deals with work-related injuries can seem daunting. While many qualified workers’ comp lawyers are available to handle your case, knowing what to look for can help streamline your search. Here are the qualities of the most qualified lawyers dealing in workers’ compensation in Cincinnati.

Success Rate

When considering a workers’ comp attorney, try to find out how many cases they have won. You can ask a prospective lawyer to disclose their prior case results, but it is a matter of preference or, in some cases, compliance with lawyer marketing rules. Keep in mind that a high success rate does not guarantee that your attorney will secure benefits for you. Winning your case depends largely on the particulars of your situation, not the past claims your lawyer has handled.


Reputation has to do with the qualities a workers’ comp attorney is known for, such as respect, integrity, and compassion. It also reflects a lawyer’s success, such as the rate they win or settle claims.

Some of a lawyer’s reputation stems from how they treat their clients outside of the courtroom. For example, do they do what they say they’ll do? Are they meticulous about document filing deadlines? Do they return clients’ calls in a reasonable amount of time?

Experience Handling Workers’ Comp Claims

Getting fair compensation for a work-related injury can be challenging, even for a lawyer. That’s why finding an attorney with years of workers’ comp experience is to your advantage. In general, the more claims a lawyer has under their belt, the better they can represent your best interests. That’s because they have already dealt with most of the unexpected legal snags that can get in the way of settling or winning a case.

Customer Service Orientation

It goes without saying that experienced, competent lawyers are busy. However, an attorney worth your consideration is committed to delivering the best customer service possible. For instance, your attorney shouldn’t make you wait too long for answers to your questions.

A customer-oriented lawyer also understands that communication is key to earning your trust and working with you to settle your workers’ comp claim. They’ll take the time to explain complex legal terms and concepts so that you understand what is at stake in your workers’ comp claim.


Workers’ comp law often requires more diligence than other legal specialties. These lawyers have to document minute injury-related details, stay on top of every medical bill that comes due, and watch for and correct errors in records. A qualified workers’ comp attorney should be able to handle all the complexities of your case when representing you.

Client Testimonials

Most attorneys and law firms collect testimonials and reviews from clients. See what others have to say about a prospective attorney handling their cases. Would they hire that lawyer again, or would they look for someone else to represent them? Not all reviews may be reliable or credible, so consider testimonials along with other factors in your search.

The most successful lawyers in Cincinnati who specialize in worker compensation are client-oriented, show diligence, have solid reputations, and exhibit a track record of success. When considering a lawyer, schedule a consultation to get to know them, but you should also do a little research and see what previous clients have to say.