Dog Bites Are Nothing to Take Lightly

dog bite

If you or a loved one suffers a dog bite in Ohio, you typically have the law on your side when seeking compensation for your damages. You do not have to prove that the owner or caretaker was negligent when the attack took place. However, you must show that you incurred the bite and that it caused an injury requiring medical attention and treatment.

Almost 14,000 adults and children in Ohio were exposed to dog bites in 2021. These types of animal attacks carry medical consequences that can have long-lasting physical, financial, and emotional effects. That is why some of the best Cincinnati injury lawyers specialize in dog bite cases to help victims recoup their losses. No matter how minor the bite or injury seems to be, getting medical help is essential for healing and regaining your peace of mind.

Why a Dog Bite Needs Medical Attention

If someone else’s dog bit or injured you, see your healthcare provider immediately. Waiting too long could allow infection to set in. If a dog bite is deep enough, bacteria can seep in well below the skin and invade the bloodstream. Also, without prompt medical care, the wound could take longer to heal, possibly leading to more severe complications like tetanus.

Even when dog bite wounds eventually heal, they can leave scars if they do not get proper treatment soon after the incident. Scars can be especially distressing if they remain on the face or other visible body parts.

A less common but more severe consequence of dog bites is exposure to the rabies virus. Rabies gets passed from dog saliva to humans through bites. If the dog has rabies or has not been vaccinated against the disease, you may need a series of injections to protect yourself.

In addition to the physical outcomes, a dog bite can cause emotional trauma. After an attack, many people become more scared of dogs or fail to regain trust in safe and affectionate dogs and other pets.

What To Do After a Dog Bite

You should always take a dog bite seriously, even if the injury appears to be minor. Always seek medical attention to prevent infection and more serious complications. If you can, wash the wound with soap and water before seeing your provider.

There are additional steps you should take to strengthen your case if you decide to bring a claim against the dog’s owner. Document when and where the dog attack occurred, and make note of any circumstances or observations relating to the incident. Try to take pictures of the scene of the attack, and outline the sequence of events in detail.

Keep records of all your injuries and medical expenses. Take photos of where on your body the dog bit you, and keep track of any new symptoms that develop.

There are a few exceptions to owner liability, such as trespassing or engaging in criminal activity on the property when the dog bite occurred. Therefore, showing you had a legitimate reason for being there during the attack is a good idea. It is also helpful if you can prove you were not teasing or provoking the animal.

Finding a Qualified Dog Bite Attorney in Your Area

If you suffer a dog bite, it is understandable if you would rather put thoughts of the attack out of your mind. However, there could be medical and financial after-effects that you might not anticipate. That is why the lawyers at Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co., will work hard to help you seek damages if a dog or other animal has attacked you.