Tips on Finding Witnesses for Your Personal Injury Case

car accident on highway

Suppose you’ve decided to file a personal injury claim. Enlisting witnesses is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your personal injury case. One or more people who saw the accident first-hand or can speak to some aspect of your case can be valuable in supporting your claim. Here are some tips for finding and recruiting the best witnesses.

Who May Serve as a Witness in a Personal Injury Claim?

First, understanding what qualifies someone to serve as a witness is necessary. It’s typically a person who saw the accident or incident happen, or it can be someone who arrived on the scene shortly after and saw how injured you were. An individual hearing the liable party discuss the accident in self-incriminating ways may also serve as a witness.

It’s worth your while to find people who can serve as witnesses to your injuries and damages. Here are some things to keep in mind when seeking help from potential witnesses:

Approach Them at the Accident Scene

You or a family member or friend with you at the scene might want to approach potential witnesses and ask if they’d be willing to talk about what they saw. Get their contact information and make quick notes about their initial observations as soon as you can. Try to have a written record of your conversations with them.

Return to the Scene of the Incident

You can also find witnesses by returning to where you were injured. Neighbors or other locals might have seen unsafe conditions in the area days or weeks before your injury. Likewise, these people may have seen the liable party act negligently or improperly on prior occasions.

Ask for Witness Recommendations

Any witnesses you recruit may be able to point you to other people who may have seen the incident. Get their names and contact information, and contact them as soon as possible.

Considerations When Calling a Witness

When seeking compelling witness statements, remember that timing is crucial. After you select your personal injury lawyer, the next calls you should make are to potential witnesses. As time passes, some witnesses may forget important details or unintentionally distort the facts.

When you ask someone to be a witness, consider their knowledge of the relevant facts carefully. Also, can they also explain them clearly and in the right amount of detail? Even a knowledgeable person can hurt your case and credibility if they can’t communicate well.

Also, a person who initially looks like they may help you might turn out to be a bad witness. Someone who comes across as friendly may not remember things accurately and hurt your case. On the contrary, a seemingly hostile witness may provide compelling testimony that supports your claim.

Working With Your Injury Compensation Lawyer

An experienced accident attorney can provide sound advice on selecting credible and competent witnesses. They know what qualities the best witnesses have to help build the most compelling case. They can also track down potential witnesses, collect their statements, and prepare them if your claim goes to court. Your attorney can also compel someone to testify if necessary.

Witnesses are among many strategies you can incorporate into your personal injury claim. Depending on their knowledge of the facts, they can add tremendous credibility to your case. If you are filing a personal injury claim and need witness testimonies, your claims counsel at Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen LPA, Co., can guide you in selecting the right people to speak on your behalf. Contact our office today if you have questions or to schedule an appointment.