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The malpractice law firm of Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co. Attorneys at Law handles violations of professional and ethical conduct.  If your medical malpractice lawyer has mishandled your case, we can help you.

Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer does not provide competent legal service to a client, and the client suffers damages as a result of the negligence. Legal malpractice often causes significant losses and financial damage.

Examples of legal malpractice include:

  • Negligent handling of a case
  • Missing a deadline for filing a claim (statute of limitations)
  • Failure to advise a client about specific details of a case or settlement
  • Failure to prosecute a case and having it dismissed as a result
  • Fee disputes
  • A conflict of interest between a lawyer and client

Legal Malpractice in Cincinnati

You must file your legal malpractice claim within the “statute of limitations” established by your state. Note that the malpractice laws vary by state. The statute of limitations for filing a legal malpractice claim in the state of Ohio is one year.

In order to make a successful legal malpractice claim within this time period, your lawyer will have to establish that:

  • A relationship existed between you (the client) and the attorney
  • The attorney violated a “standard of care”
  • You suffered damages as a direct result of the lawyer’s negligence

What is the “attorney judgment rule?”

This rule simply states that a lawyer cannot be held liable for acts of good faith that, in hindsight, could be viewed as errors in judgment. In general, when a lawyer acts in good faith and keeps the client informed, the attorney judgment rule protects against tactical areas in the way a case is handled.

If you have a question about a possible incident of legal malpractice, you should check with a Cincinnati legal malpractice attorney. A legal malpractice law firm in Cincinnati will help you understand malpractice laws, and let you know if your incident might constitute legal malpractice under the laws of your state.

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