Why You Need a Lawyer Who Understands Disability Law

disability lawWhy do you need a lawyer for your social security hearing? First, a lawyer who understands disability law can help you prepare your case so you are approved the first time, saving you the hassle and time of fighting through the appeals process. Appealing your case can take more than a year, and time is critical.

The SSDI lawyer can also help you fill out the application so it more clearly states why you have a case or why you cannot work. They will gather the proper medical evidence which gives you the best chance to win. They will also work with your doctor to include the terminology the social security administration is looking for so your case becomes stronger.

If you are terminally ill, your disability lawyer can help make that clear so your case can be expedited for quicker results.

The Potential Pitfalls You Face When Filing for Disability Alone

Did you know that small errors on your social security application can result in a denial? And that’s not all. Failing to reply to requests for information within a short time frame can also lead to rejection. In fact, many initial applicants are rejected simply due to errors or not including enough information. Filing for social security is a very simple process, which is why most people make the mistake of filing for disability without a lawyer. If your application is denied, your only option is to go through the costly and time-consuming appeal process that you simply don’t have time for.

What you are bringing on board when you work with an attorney well-versed in disability law is a trained set of eyes. This is a set of eyes that has read countless sets of paperwork sent to and from the Social Security Administration. This set of eyes is well-attuned to the fine print, and to the details that can sink a claim application.

Bringing that experience onto your side early in the process can save considerable headaches down the road. Having an advisor who knows the common mistakes on applications, and knows what to look for to boost your chances, is priceless.

How Disability Law Can Vary

While the Social Security Administration is a federal program, and therefore is centrally managed at the federal level, some benefits differ largely from state to state. Other benefits vary only slightly depending upon your state of residence.

As you can read at that link, ten states took the Social Security Administration’s criteria for eligibility, and then made their own criteria that were even stricter. Ohio is one of those states.

How is Ohio more strict? What do they demand to see that other states — and the federal government — do not require? Why is it that Ohio can cut your Medicaid coverage if you move into the state from another, more lenient state? 33 states grant Medicaid coverage automatically if you have SSI benefits, but Ohio is not one of them.

Another benefit of having a skilled, seasoned group of Cincinnati disability lawyers working with you is that you can be fully aware of these distinctions. Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana all differ, and the fine points of disability law change from year to year and administration to administration.

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