Why Hire an Attorney Who Specializes in Employee’s Rights

Applying for worker’s compensation can place the employee in a difficult dilemma. Even if the claim is legitimate, he or she may have concerns of workers comp retaliation. The supervisor may not believe the claim is valid or wrongly believe the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The settlement offered by the employer may not cover all of the lost wages or medical bills. The injury may prevent the employee from ever returning to work at all, increasing the incentive for the employer to fight the claim. The employer may even retaliate against the worker for filing a claim, slashing hours, cutting pay, or demoting to a lower position.

Any one of these cases requires the expertise of a job injury attorney who understands how the law affects worker’s compensation. He or she understands how best to prepare medical evidence that validates the claim. He or she can better estimate the worth of a case and better evaluate whether a settlement is suitable.

Worried About the Cost of Hiring a Work Injury Lawyer?

Don’t be. Most attorneys who help with workers comp cases do so on a contingency basis. This means that you may not have to pay any upfront cost. In general, most attorneys will only take a fixed percentage of the settlement they obtain for you. Your attorney can help you win a significantly higher settlement than you would be able to do on your own, so the cost of hiring one is usually negligible. You should also keep in mind that initial consultations are usually free. There’s very little reason to not have an initial consultation with a lawyer who can advise you of any potential problems with you claim.

Legal Expertise at Your Side

If a case is contested, your employer will certainly be working with a worker’s compensation attorney to advocate for their side. Having your own legal counsel advocating for your rights helps to “even the playing field” of the legal system, putting the law in your favor.
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