Our Cincinnati Workers Compensation Attorney’s To Do List Before Filing Any Claim

As any lawyer who specializes in worker’s compensation will tell you, there are several T’s that need to be crossed in any worker’s compensation claim in order to minimize the risk of your claim being contested. Any contested claim will result delays for approval, compensation or authorized treatment.

First, report the injury to your employer in writing as soon as the injury occurs. A simple conversation does not mean much in court. Even if the injury is minor, it should be mentioned in a written statement, even if it is scribbled on a Post-It or a piece of paper from the register. The pain may not feel bad now, but could be a completely different story tomorrow. Without that written document, it is that much harder to prove the injury did not occur on your own time in your own garage.

Secondly, get medical attention as soon as you can. If your employer has a medical dispensary, go there and explain the exact nature of the injury. If not, go to the emergency room, an Urgent Care facility or a family doctor within the next 24 hours.

Thirdly, file a claim as soon as possible. This may be done by your doctor, but it is ultimately your responsibility. Ohio requires any claim for worker’s compensation to be filed within 2 years of an injury.

Maximizing Your Work Injury Settlement

If you’ve followed our “to do list”, you’ll be on the path to a fair settlement. But worker’s compensation claims aren’t always cut and paste cases. Every injury comes with its own unique set of circumstances. Things like workplace injury law, how you were injured, the medical treatment you receive, and many more things all play a part in the settlement you’re offered. Mistakes along the way could significantly reduce your benefit amount. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact our law firm for a free consultation and learn about potential problems with your case today.

A Proven Law Firm Advocating for Your Rights

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