Appealing a Claim in Cincinnati Under a Workmen’s Comp Lawyer

After filing a work injury claim in Ohio, the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation is required to make its decision to allow or deny the claim within 28 days. This is done through written notification known as the BWC order. If your claim is denied, you may appeal the decision by filing a claim with the Industrial Commission of Ohio within 14 days of the BWC Order. The commission will then schedule a District Level Hearing to be held within 45 days of your initial appeal request.

Preparing for the District Level Hearing

The District Level Hearing will be presided over by the Officer of the Commission, who reviews any written witness affidavits, and deposition transcripts submitted by your worker’s compensation attorney and your employer’s legal counsel prior to the hearing. You should be prepared to testify and present witnesses on your behalf such as your doctor and any co-workers that witnessed the incident.

No later than 45 days after the District Level Hearing, the Commission will conduct another hearing, where he or she reviews the evidence with both parties and their workmen’s comp attorneys, and issue a written decision that will be sent to both parties.

What Happens if the District-Level Appeal is Denied?

In the unfortunate situation that you workers comp appeal got denied at the district level, you can submit an appeal to the staff level. Keep in mind that your employer can also appeal the decision to staff level. Another hearing will be held within 45 days and the decision will be made by a staff hearing officer. Staff decisions can also be appealed to the commission level. Further appeals must be brought before Ohio state courts. Because appealing is a legal process, you should consider hiring an attorney to guide you through the process.

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