Can I Choose My Own Doctor in a Cincinnati Workers Comp Case?

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It’s important to use doctors and medical providers you trust. The same is true of workmens comp attorneys. At Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co., we work hard to earn your trust by taking the time necessary to understand your situation and give you the personalized attention you need. Your doctors and medical providers should do the same. You can help to ensure this by choosing your own doctors and medical providers. Chose providers you know, or those who have been recommended by those you trust.

Your workers comp rights

Workers comp allows you to choose your own doctor, as long as your physician is a certified medical provider with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC). Your employer may try to direct you to a doctor of their choice. You are generally not required to use the doctor your employer selects. If you visit a doctor recommended by your employer, you have the right to change your doctor and choose a medical provider of your own choosing.

You should consult with a job injury attorney if your employer tells you that you are required to use a doctor of their choice. If your employer is self-insured for workers compensation, you may be required to seek initial treatment from a medical provider in your employer’s network. But in most cases, you have a right to choose your own doctor from among those certified by the BWC. And if you see a doctor in your employer’s network for initial treatment, you have the right to change doctors and choose a medical provider of your own choosing.

How do you know if a doctor is a certified medial provider under workers comp? Many medical providers display a BWC Certified sign at their place of work. The BWC also maintains an online listing of BWC-certified medical providers in the state.

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