Contributory Negligence in Cincinnati, OH

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The comparative negligence process in Ohio

We examine the facts of your case to determine if others are fully at fault and do our best to establish this. But we help you seek recovery even if some of the fault is yours. Comparative negligence laws allow you to recover a portion of your loss for personal injury or damage suffered in a car accident, or other accident, when you are partially at fault.

Your portion of fault in an accident (your contributory negligence) reduces your ability to recover for loss or damage in proportion to your percentage of fault. If your contributory fault is not greater than the combined negligence of all other persons involved, your contributory negligence does not bar you from recovering damages.

Before 1980, Ohio prevented you from recovering anything at all if you were negligent in any way, even if you were assigned a very small percentage of fault.

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You can now recover in car accidents and many other situations involving personal injury that you were unable to before 1980. But even today, if you are deemed to be more than 50 percent at fault, you cannot recover anything at all. The Ohio laws concerning negligence changed in 1980:

  • Comparative negligence law — Since 1980, you have been able to legally recover for injury or damage suffered in an Ohio accident if you are partly (50 percent or less) at fault.
  • Former negligence law — Before 1980, you could not recover for injury or damage suffered in an accident if you were even slightly at fault (less than 50 percent).

If you’re partially at fault, we can help you recover at least a portion of your injury-related losses, including:

  • Wages, salaries or other compensation
  • Medical care or treatment and rehabilitation services
  • Pain and suffering

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