Ohio Workers Compensation Rates for Cincinnati

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Workers compensation pays you for work-related injuries and illness. Because workers compensation is the only legal remedy available to you for most work-related illnesses or injuries, you depend on the financial benefits it provides. At Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co., we understand this and help you recover the maximum amount to which you are entitled. The Ohio workers compensation system provides this coverage by charging employers premiums, which the state collects and uses to pay injured workers.

How much am I entitled to under workers comp in Ohio?

Workers compensation rates are set each year. The rates set the maximum and minimum amounts that workers comp will pay in connection with work-related injuries. As such, workers compensation rates provide useful guidance concerning the amount you may collect under the workers compensation system.

Our workmens comp attorneys are familiar with the workers compensation rates in all categories of recovery and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. We understand the importance of workers comp to your treatment and recovery. That’s why it is vital to take the necessary steps for filing a claim. Our seasoned legal team has the experience and skill set to help you do this.

Workers compensation rates for wage loss and other categories

The amount of compensation payable weekly to an injured worker is set by the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC). Maximum workers compensation weekly benefit rates for 2013 for certain categories are:

  • Temporary total maximum: $837
  • Temporary total minimum: $279
  • Wage loss maximum: $837
  • Permanent partial maximum: $279
  • Permanent total maximum: $837 (for a worker not receiving Social Security Disability)
  • Permanent total maximum: $558 (for a worker receiving Social Security Disability)
  • Death maximum: $837 (The minimum for death benefits is half of the maximum.)

The rates listed above do not reflect how much you will receive. The specific details of your situation and the wages you earn will determine where you fall in the range of compensation payable. The number of weeks a worker can recover certain benefits (e.g., wage loss benefits) is also limited.

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