Reporting an Attorney

Like any profession, there are good lawyers, and there are bad lawyers. When people use the phrase “bad lawyer,” they are usually referring to a lawyer who does not follow a certain code of ethics. Lawyers in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio must take an oath that they will represent their clients without compromise and conflict.  Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co. Attorneys at Law outline the steps necessary when reporting an attorney for malpractice.

Examples of “bad lawyers” not following these ethical codes include:

  • Knowingly misleading or lying to a client
  • Revealing a client’s confidential information without the client’s permission
  • Misusing a client’s money without the client’s permission
  • Settling, filing, or dismissing a case without the client’s permission
  • Neglecting to handle a case that he/she agreed to handle for the client

Report a Bad Lawyer in Cincinnati

If you have a legal malpractice complaint about a bad lawyer in Cincinnati, you can file a written complaint against the lawyer. After filing the written complaint, there will be an investigation into the lawyer’s actions.

You can file a written ethics complaint against an Ohio lawyer with one of the following organizations:

Office of Disciplinary Counsel

250 Civic Center Drive,

Suite 325 Columbus,

Ohio 43215

614-461-0256 or 800-589-5256


Ohio State Bar Association

1700 Lake Shore Drive

P.O. Box 16562

Columbus, Ohio 43216

614-487-2050 or 800-282-6556


Columbus Bar Association

175 S. Third St., Suite 1100

Columbus, Ohio 43215



The Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline

Supreme Court of Ohio

65 S. Front St., 5th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215



How can you recover damages?

Filing an ethics complaint against a lawyer is different from filing a lawsuit against a lawyer. If you have suffered damages due to negligence by your lawyer, you may be able to file a legal malpractice lawsuit with the help of a new lawyer.

A legal malpractice law firm in Cincinnati will help you understand legal ethics and malpractice laws within your state.

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