Loss or “Loss of Use” of a Body Part

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You might know that if you are hurt on the job, you are entitled to benefits for medical treatment and lost wages due to your injury. However, you might not think about the loss or “loss of use” of a body part and its many implications. This type of work-related injury can qualify for a subset of permanent partial disability benefits under Ohio law.

Cincinnati Work-Related Injury Law and Body Part Loss or “Loss of Use”

The loss of a body part refers to amputation or severing. In workers’ comp claims, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation determines “loss of use,” meaning the loss of it “for all practical intents and purposes.” In other words, the loss must be severe enough that the injured worker cannot use that body part in their employment. The injury does not have to cause complete immobility to qualify for a permanent partial scheduled loss award.

For either type of loss, you can receive compensation if the injury happens on the job or within the scope of your work. Ohio workers’ compensation law allows the injured worker to apply for an added permanent partial scheduled loss award.

Awarding to Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation relies on a schedule of injuries and awards (Schedule B) to determine the amount of permanent partial disability benefits. An injured worker can receive an award for a specific body part like a leg, arm, finger, or eye. The loss of each body part qualifies for a certain number of weeks the injured employee receives payment. The total amount represents the number of weeks authorized multiplied by the maximum rate for the year of the injury.

Losing a limb or its full functioning can mean lost wages and an interruption to your livelihood. If you have suffered the loss or loss of use of one or more body parts due to an injury on the job, contact our law office. We have attorneys experienced in helping Cincinnati workers understand work injury law.