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Tow truck drivers are busy. We see them along 71, 75, and 275, and on the sides of the Ronald Reagan Highway and the Norwood Lateral. From fender benders to severe injury crashes, the number of accidents on Cincinnati’s highways is staggering. These tow truck drivers and emergency medical professionals have more than enough work to keep them busy. The same is true for Cincinnati’s accident lawyers.

More accidents happen every hour. Sometimes these accidents are quickly resolved. In other situations, the disagreements over fault and responsibility can turn into protracted, long-term court cases that work their way through multiple appeals.

Not All Accidents Are The Same

In Greater Cincinnati, accident lawyers work on many different types of cases. There are millions of truckers on our nation’s interstates, and those millions of drivers have more than their fair share of accidents. Long-haul freight has different legal considerations than local grocery delivery. Flatbeds moving automobiles have specific and unique legal needs.

Large mass-transit vehicles can enter into complicated legal waters as well. If an accident happens, each rider on a city Metro bus may have his or her own case against SORTA/Metro. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and others may have cases involving city buses as well, or involving tour buses, Greyhound, Megabus, or other vehicles carrying a lot of passengers.

School buses, given the fact that they are owned and operated by the individual school district, have their own well-established legal precedents and a history of court decisions. Drivers who work for the school districts are trained, insured, and licensed in a way that is very different from the laws governing non-commercial drivers.

Different Types of Accidents That Lawyers Deal With

Here are some of the types of car accidents we see in our offices:

Hit and run

If a driver does not stay around to face the consequences of the accident, it is a hit-and-run. Oftentimes, cyclists or motorcyclists who have been hit or run off the road face these hit-and-run situations. The first step is often just trying to track down the driver of the car, and seeking out evidence that can prove the culpability of the fleeing driver.

Head-on Collision

If one vehicle tries to pass another going around a blind curve, a head-on collision can happen. This can also happen in parking lots, albeit at much slower speeds. Either way, these head-on accidents can cause horrendous injuries, and can do irreparable damage to both vehicles.

Lane Crossover

When one vehicle changes lanes unexpectedly, without signaling or without looking at the speed of oncoming traffic, the results can be catastrophic. Changing lanes improperly causes more accidents than you might suspect.

T-bone Collision

These often happens when drivers run red lights, or very late yellow lights. A broadside collision, also called a “T-bone,” happens when one car hits the side of another.


When a vehicle loses control, and a wheel runs up against a curb or uneven ground, the whole vehicle can flip over. These are, of course, very dangerous accidents, and often these crashes involve a single car.


In a sideswipe, it is often the rear panel and back end of one car that sustains the most damage. These often happen when one person tries to turn left at a traffic light, while another vehicle in the oncoming traffic is approaching quickly.


In this age of drivers texting while driving, rear-end collisions are becoming ever more common. It is possible to prove that the driver at fault was reading texts, or composing texts, right at the time of the collision.

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