Workers Comp Attorney Helps Know What’s Covered

What exactly can you expect to be covered by workers comp laws in Cincinnati? If your claim is accepted, you can expect your medical bills to be completely paid for, either by an MCO if your employer is state funded or by your employer if he or she is self-insured. Prescriptions for any medical issues related to your injury are also covered. If your claim is allowed, all prescriptions related to the injury should be paid with no upfront cost to you. However, any prescriptions filed before the claim has been accepted may require an initial payment, though you will be reimbursed if your claim is determined to be valid.

Under Ohio’s work accident laws, compensation for lost wages are paid if you are off work for 8 days or longer due to a work related injury that has been determined to be valid. If you are off work for 14 or more days, the entire time you are off work will be compensated. If you miss less than 14 days, the first 7 days are not compensated.

The Importance of Working with an Attorney

You will receive no compensation, of course, if your injury is not determined to be related to your job. There are several loopholes to watch out for, such as if you are an independent contractor or there were no witnesses to your injury, which can best be handled by working with a workers comp attorney. Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co. have provided counsel for workers compensation cases for over 25 years and have received recognition by U.S. News & World Report in the top tier of Best Lawyers.

Other Reimbursable Expenses Under Workers Compensation Law

While State work accident laws can vary, workers comp programs typically pay for all expenses incurred as a direct result of your workplace injury. Workers are also eligible for wage reimbursement as well as the cost of medical treatment relating to their injury. Some injured individuals often ask if payments are made for pain & suffering as well. The answer to this is usually no, however, as with any work injury claim, there are a complex set of circumstances that must be reviewed first. In general, workers comp is not able to pay for suffering. Exceptions to this would be if the suffering led to a mental disorder or if the injury was caused by a third party. In the case of a third party, you can file a separate lawsuit.

A Worker’s Compensation Attorney Who Will Advocate for Your Side

Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A. will advocate for your rights. We will be sure you are getting everything to which you are entitled. If your claim is contested, we have the legal resources to build the best case. We are a family law firm that believes in personal advocacy for our clients. We represent the average worker, not multi-billion clients, and we fight to get them what they deserve. We will walk you through every step of the process so you have a complete understanding of your case. We believe in a small staff. In most cases, your worker’s compensation lawyer will be your primary source of contact. Feel free to call us anytime.