A Dependable Car Crash Injury Lawyer Is Invaluable

overturned car after accidentThere is a multitude of reasons why you should retain the services of a car crash injury lawyer after you’ve been in an accident — whether or not you were deemed to be “at fault” on the site of the collision.

For one, being able to manage the treatment of your injuries can be a challenging undertaking. If you are rushed to an emergency room far away from the one covered by your particular provider, you may need to pay for both the ambulance ride and the ER visit, at a higher rate than your customary charge. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your medical care may be prohibitively expensive. A car crash injury lawyer can work with insurance providers as well as health care professionals, to help make sure you can cover your costs.

Injuries After A Car Accident Sometimes Crop Up Later

If you walk away from the accident with no discernable injuries at the site, you still could be impaired and not yet realize it. Some of the lasting repercussions of a vehicular collision, including the condition we commonly refer to as “whiplash,” may need make themselves apparent until weeks or months after the initial impact. You should seek medical evaluation, even if you are not feeling any immediate discomfort or injury at the time of the collision.

If later care is needed, you may require the assistance of an attorney to make sure your eventual care and rehabilitation is indeed covered by your insurance. Recovery from an accident can be a slow and tedious process, and may require visits to specialists and therapy centers. You need to make sure your care is attached to the accident itself, so that the proper payments can follow.

Some of the impacts of such a collision may not even be physical. Post-traumatic stress, panic disorders, insomnia, and other psychological trauma may come as a result of the collision — and again, may not make themselves apparent until well after the accident. An attorney who has a lot of experience with car crashes can also help you steer through the choppy waters of psychological treatment, and can help you find the professional, medical assistance you need.

Trust In Your Legal Team Is Vital

The attorneys at Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co. Attorneys at Law, or “CTBC” for short, are very well acquainted with all types of automobile accidents and other vehicular accidents. We have worked with people who have sustained all types of injuries, from including people who have lost limbs, and people who have become paralyzed from their injuries. We know how traumatic these events can be, and how difficult it can be to even return phone calls after such an upsetting incident.

Just knowing that a legal professional can help take care of some of your concerns can help ease your mind. Having one less worry, one less concern keeping you awake at night, can help with your rehabilitation process, and make the whole journey to full recovery easier and more pleasurable.

If the person having sustained the injuries is a loved one, rather than yourself, we can help you be their advocate as well. They may need your assistance in handling the legal details, so that they can focus on their physical therapy, or whatever other work they need to do to recover.

Here at CTBC, we offer free consultations. It may help to just talk about what has happened with someone who has experienced a similar situation, whether or not we end up representing you or your family.