What Do The Best Workers Comp Lawyers Have In Common?

With so many terrific legal professionals in our area, it can be hard to sift through them all in order to find the top worker’s compensation attorneys who can contribute to your desired outcome. So, lets review some traits that are shared by the best workers’ compensation attorneys in the Cincinnati area.

A Solid Reputation

This can take several forms. You want a worker’s compensation attorney with a reputation for integrity. Another issue is their reputation for success. Do they regularly win claims? Note that a lawyer who offers guarantees has just raised a major red flag. Do they do what they say they’ll do? Do they handle insurance claims for you and show up in court? Do they meet deadlines set by the courts and return phone calls when you need advice? Or do they promise far more than they can actually deliver?

Experience and Expertise

These two factors go hand in hand. You don’t want to work with someone who has years of experience in employment law, but hasn’t had good success with worker’s compensation claims. The best workers comp attorneys are experts in worker’s compensation law, and have a track record in the area that proves they win cases. You wouldn’t want to work with someone who just earned their law degree and took classes in worker’s compensation. Their mistakes may cost you time and money. Their delays in getting your claim approved could lead to delays in beginning treatment or debt piling up. This is why the best choice is from among the lawyers who focus on workers compensation and have done so for years.


Workers compensation requires a greater degree of diligence than other areas of law. You have to document every medical detail, since each issue adds up in the final disability rating. The accounting of every related medical bill is necessary to be reimbursed for them, such as when you visited the doctor for the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome or saw your own doctor for an injury at work. This is critical when you are dealing with repetitive stress injuries or long-term health problems caused by exposure to something at work.

Worker’s compensation may pay for lost wages, rehabilitation, and retraining. Lawyers with experience in worker’s compensation can handle the complicated cases where someone is dealing with Social Security Disability insurance or insurance companies passing the buck.

A Focus on Customer Service

Compassion is something you’d like to see in a worker’s compensation attorney, but if they cannot focus on serving the customer by completing paperwork and submitting it before deadlines, the degree to which they empathize with you is irrelevant. While you need to be able to trust a worker’s compensation attorney with personal medical information and financial details, only a worker’s compensation lawyer focused on the end goal of delivering a full settlement or full compensation for your injuries can give you what you truly need. Their ability to clearly communicate their strategy or understand medical and legal terms is an asset, but the end goal is serving you.

Likewise, a positive attitude is a plus, but if they promise more than they can deliver, the optimism was unwarranted. Beware of an attorney who tells you charisma is a necessity in an attorney. Worker’s compensation cases aren’t won by charming a jury but by providing hard data like independent medical assessments.

Assistance When Needed

We’ve sought to provide a list of traits you should look for when researching worker’s compensation lawyers in Cincinnati. The differences between a good workers’ comp lawyer and the best include far better odds of winning your case, faster resolution of your claims, and full support through the difficult process.