Permanent Impairment? Make Sure You Get Compensated.

disability wheelchairIf you have suffered an injury or illness from work conditions that resulted in a permanent impairment to your health or physical well being, you are entitled to file for permanent partial disability through the workers compensation program. Even if you still retain some ability, you may be able to receive these benefits. The first step is to file a workers compensation claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. You should also notify your employer and seek treatment.

If when a doctor determines that you have reached what is known as maximum medical improvement (the most he or she believes your condition will improve) and there is still some loss of ability or health on your part, you may then be considered for permanent partial disability coverage, after 26 week waiting period.

Calculating Your Permanent Partial Disability Payments

Once you have reached maximum medical improvement by your doctor, you may be eligible for a permanent partial disability award. In order to determine your disability award a medical exam by an independent medical examiner will be scheduled. The examiner will assign you an impairment rating from zero to hundred percent. In the simplest terms, the higher percentage of whole body disability will result in a higher settlement reward according to workers comp law.

How to File for Permanent Partial Disability

If it’s been determined that you have some form of lasting disability, then you may be eligible to receive PPD benefits. However, these benefits aren’t granted automatically. You’ll need to file BWC form C-92 titled “Application for Determination of Percentage of Permanent Partial Disability or Increase of Permanent Partial Disability”. Once worker’s compensation receives your claim for PPD, a two-month hold is placed on the application. Afterward, an independent physician will assign you an MMI rating that will determine your benefit amount. If you disagree with this rating, you can file an appeal.

Navigating Ohio Disability Law

Here at Clements, Taylor, Butkovich & Cohen, L.P.A., Co., our disability lawyers have experience in helping people to maximize their recovery under Ohio BWC disability laws by filing for permanent partial disability. You may be able to file a disability claim through the Social Security Administration if you are unable to work at all. Veterans may be eligible to file through the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Whatever your situation, our legal team can help you understand the law and maximize your success in seeking appropriate compensation.