Social Security Disability Attorneys Can Help With The Application Process

Working With A Social Security Disability Claim Is Not Easy, A Lawyer Can Help

Disability benefits are not easy to get. The application process is arduous, and often confusing. A Social Security disability lawyer can assist you, but you should be aware that the preparation can be tedious. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) receives an application with incomplete medical documents or faulty paperwork, that application is almost guaranteed to be denied. A recent study found that about 60% of total SSA disability applications are denied.

A lawyer who specializes in Social Security disability can help you take care of everything that needs to be filed. This attorney can also show you how the application process works. It is important that you have continued treatment, and that you keep track of all receipts and filings for the various medical professionals you visit for your health care.

Help Your Attorney Help You

Keeping a timeline of your recovery and treatment will likely be beneficial to you. This will help the attorney present a narrative of your disability, and your advocacy for yourself. Demonstrating that you are taking the proper steps to help yourself is something the SSA wants to see in your application.

To qualify, you must have a disability that falls into the SSA’s list of covered disabilities, and your “total” disability must have prevented you for working, or will likely keep you from working, for at least the last 12 months.

You also have to have worked for a company that pays into the Social Security trust fund by paying FICA taxes. For at least five of the past ten years, you need to have had a job where part of your payroll went to pay for SSDI coverage.

If you can prove that you have earned SSDI disability benefits, you will receive these benefits until you are able to return to work.

It’s All In The Details

It is essential that you pay special attention to the details in your application. Any misstep could disqualify your claim. Crossing your “t”s and dotting your “i”s is no guarantee of an accepted claim. But NOT doing so is almost certainly a guarantee that your claim will be rejected.

Such strict adherence to detailed scrutiny makes sense. The SSA would rather not pay on claims, if they have any reason to avoid responsibility. Rejecting a claim is an understanding path for a government agency to follow — particularly when its funding is in jeopardy. Since the SSA rejects 60% of all disability claim filings, they are clearly being reluctant to fund any claim that has incomplete or flawed information.

Social Security Disability Attorneys Ready To Assist

Our staff of legal professionals is qualified to help you. We train our staff to read claim paperwork with a critical editorial eye. We can catch inconsistencies and discrepancies with a laser-sharp focus. We know what to look for, and we know where applicants fumble most frequently.

Before you invest a great deal of time into this arduous paperwork, it can help to consult with a team of legal experts and learn what you will encounter along the way, learn the expected timeline for filings, see examples of correct and incorrect claim applications and find out how to use your existing documentation to strengthen your case.

According to the Census Bureau, 37 million people in the United States are considered disabled. 37 million people. That is more than three times the population of Ohio (11.7 million). You can bet that not all of those 37 million people are receiving their full disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Competition is fierce. Use your advantages to boost the chances of your claim being successful.