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Whether the job you’re working is blue-collar or white-collar, whether it is behind a desk or on a factory floor, at some point, unfortunately, you may need to do a workers’ compensation attorney near me type of a search. On-the-job accidents happen on the day shift and the night shift, and can happen with an alarming regularity.

Here are the eight most common types of workplace accidents.


The occurrence of high-voltage electric shocks is surprisingly frequent. These shocks are more common for some specific occupations — crane operators, construction workers, utility workers, carpenters, truckers, forest service employees, and, of course, electricians. A serious electrocution can cause cardiac arrest, organ damage, severe burns, nerve injury, and brain damage.

Violence in the workplace

Sadly, workplace violence remains at an all-time high. Taxi drivers, as well as Lyft and Uber drivers, are susceptible to attacks by angry passengers. Postal workers, phone service installers, and cable television installers are all subject to unexpected attacks, as are utility employees working on gas and water delivery to residences. Workers in hospitals and detention facilities are vulnerable to violence at work, as are nurses and health professionals working in other types of facilities.

Poisoning by chemical exposure

All of these accidents call for the services of a workers’ compensation attorney nearby, but this perhaps more than others. Dangerous chemicals at the workplace include lead, benzene, asbestos, and mercury. Prolonged low-level exposure is more difficult to prove, but single-time accidents like third-degree skin burns and throat injuries happens often as well. Perhaps the scariest part about chemical exposure is that exposure can lead to neurological conditions and organ damage, and these are often more challenging to see and to diagnose.


Explosions and fires at jobsites can cause lung and other respiratory problems, loss of sight or hearing, and shockwave injuries. They can also cause wrongful death. Far too many workplaces are not properly protected from flammable materials. OSHA tries to maintain inspections across workplace facilities, but all too often, employers cut corners.

Machinery accidents

Heavy machinery causes horrific accidents every month. From forklifts and cranes to machinery presses, fabrication machines and more, such accidents can cause the loss of limbs, and can often be fatal. When you choose an experienced workers’ compensation attorney near you, they have often seen many of these lawsuits. Crushing, mutilation, and tearing can be result of incomplete operator training, or can be attributed to machinery being inadequately maintained.

Vehicular accidents

Given the high number of professional drivers on the road, from cabs, buses, and transport vans to trucks, semis, and delivery trucks, this will not be a surprise. Sales professionals and regional managers often need to drive long distances for their jobs as well, and any accidents occurring on these commuter routes contribute to these figures as well.

On-the-job falls

Trips and slips happen most often on snow-covered walkways or wet floors. Store employees — think the grocery store or Costco or Walmart — are the most susceptible to such injuries, given the number of spills that can happen from those high-stacked shelves. Mopping floors can leave slick surfaces for trips and falls as well.


Any job calling for people to lift heavy objects –a position on an Amazon warehouse floor, for example — can lead to strains. Pushing, pulling, or carrying too much weight can strain muscles and cause lower-back pain.

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