Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program

The United States Department of Justice provides a number of different benefits to survivors of fallen Public Safety Officers killed in the line of duty. Benefits may also be provided to the Public Safety Officers themselves in the event of a disabling injury received in the line of duty.

Who Qualifies As A Public Safety Officer?

The United States Department of Justice uses the term Public Safety Officer to describe any of the following:

Public Safety Officer Fire Fighters

  • Firefighters – paid or volunteer
  • Paramedics/EMT
  • Police officers – paid or volunteer
  • Corrections officers
  • Parole officers
  • Probation officers
  • Court Officers
  • Air ambulance personnel

What Kinds Of Benefits Are Provided?

Death Benefits

When a Public Safety Officer is killed in the line of duty, the Bureau of Justice Administration provides a one time lump sum payments to the survivors left behind. Currently, the amount of benefits paid exceeds $250,000.

Disability Benefits

When a Public Safety Officer suffers a catastrophic injury in the line of duty which renders him/her disabled, disability benefits can be awarded to the officer in an amount similar to that of death benefits.

Education Benefits

The surviving children of the Public Safety Officer can receive a monthly benefit to support his/her secondary education. Currently, the benefits can be paid for a period of 45 months (for full-time students) or the equivalent for part-time students.

For More Information

More information regarding these benefits can be found by contacting the United States Department of Justice or visit the Bureau for Justice Administration’s website

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