Top Seven Most Common Personal Injury Claims

person with a headache

People in the U.S. suffer injuries every day. Only some lead to lawsuits. Which happen most frequently?

1. Bites from dogs

Dog bites happen all the time. Laws vary from state to state, however. In some states, the owner is only considered responsible if they knew the dog had the potential to be dangerous; in others, the owner is held responsible no matter what.

2. Construction site mishaps

Hazards abound on construction sites. Heavy things fall. Equipment malfunctions. Debris hits workers. Even when safety protocols are observed, terrible injuries can happen regularly.

3. Defamation as injury

If your reputation is damaged publicly, this slander or libel can be considered a personal injury. Lost earnings, lost earning capacity, disgrace, and personal humiliation are all taken into consideration.

4. Product defects

Unsafe products can cause injuries. Even after extensive testing and iterative product design, defective objects can be put onto the market. If enough people are injured, sometimes those cases coalesce into a class-action lawsuit.

5. Dangerous conditions on a property

These “premises” cases can happen at stores, restaurants, grocery markets, gas stations, or concert venues. They can also happen at someone’s house or private pool.

6. Slip and fall incidents

These accidents are the most dangerous type of premises issue. Falls can cause paralysis, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries. Whether or not negligence led to a condition causing the fall – this is the primary question at hand.

7. Workplace accidents

Incomplete training, broken equipment, or unsafe conditions are usually to blame for workplace accidents. People who are injured the most frequently on the job include truck drivers, movers, roofers, and nurses.